The Toccoa River is the first place many Georgians think of when they think of trout fishing. Running through the North Georgia Mountains, the Toccoa River is considered by many to offer the best selection of trout in all of Georgia.

So what exactly makes the Toccoa River the prime trout fishing spot? Its combination of a strong trout population, unique day trips, and excellent catch rates nearly all year long make it a one-of-a-kind experience.

1. The Toccoa River has a strong population of large, heavy trout

With rainbow trout, brown trout, and even the occasional brook trout, the Toccoa River offers a variety of trout species. According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the majority of trout are between 10” and 14” long, with some larger species as long as 26”.

The trout population of the Toccoa River is also heavier than the average. Over the last three years, Georgia’s Wildlife Resources Division has sampled “several large brown trout in the range of 9-14 pounds.”

With the average size of trout in the Toccoa River running larger than the average trout population in many other rivers, it offers strong chances of catching a trophy-class trout. The Toccoa River averages 35 to 50 yards in width, while the trout fishery extends 14 miles — extending from the Blue Ridge Dam all the way up to the Tennessee border. Trout fishers who choose the Toccoa River for their excursion surely won’t be disappointed with the variety of large fish the river has to offer.

2. Blue Ridge Lake’s interruption creates two unique fishing experiences

The Toccoa River in northern Georgia combines with the Ocoee River in southern Tennessee to form a 93-mile long trout fishing haven. Along with offering some of the largest and heaviest catches out there, the rivers provide two completely unique fishing experiences: upstream and downstream.

The dividing factor between upstream and downstream is Blue Ridge Lake, which interrupts the river’s flow near Fannin County in Georgia. Upstream, there’s a large trout stream with a fishing environment similar to others in North Georgia. Downstream, the Blue Ridge Dam regulates the river’s flow, offering an experience more similar to a typical tailwater fishery.

Each stream provides a steady trout population, but the lower Toccoa River is considered by many to be the best trout fishing spot in all of Georgia. The 15-mile stream flows through private land but can be accessed through three public access points: Blue Ridge Dam, Curtis Switch, and McCaysville.

3. The Toccoa River offers high catch rates March through November

One reason anglers are drawn to the North Georgia Mountains is the prospect of great trout catches nearly year-round. Metrella Brown of Unicoi Outfitters says “ … Toccoa is just a phenomenal dry-fly fishery. Spring, summer, and on into fall, you just can’t go wrong …”

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources rates December, January, and February as “fair” fishing times in the Toccoa River. Meanwhile, March through November are all rated “excellent.” Many avid anglers buy homes in the North Georgia Mountains so that they’re never too far from the excitement.

How to buy a home near the Toccoa River

The possibility of catching phenomenal trout is just one reason so many individuals consider North Georgia for their next home purchase. Specifically, the town of Blue Ridge is just a 7-minute drive from the river’s public access point at Blue Ridge Dam.

Our team of Georgia natives can help you find your dream home near the Toccoa River and all the other outdoor activities the North Georgia Mountains have to offer. You can even conduct an MLS search for North Georgia homes right here on our website. If you’re thinking about buying a home in North Georgia, contact our team for personalized assistance every step of the way.