The closer you are to retiring, the more you may find yourself dreaming of that perfect retirement destination. You imagine a place where you can unwind from all the hard work you’ve poured into your career over the years. Maybe you plan to spend all your free time relaxing, or perhaps you’ve got your eyes on a ton of new adventures.

No matter how you hope to spend your retirement years, the North Georgia Mountains will provide the perfect backdrop. Here’s why:

1. You’ll enjoy the affordable cost of living

When you think of retirement, you may first think of living on the coast. But many cities along the beach are extremely expensive, with home prices skyrocketing while the home sizes get smaller and smaller.

You won’t have that problem in the North Georgia Mountains. Many cities throughout the area rank well for their low cost of living, meaning that your dollar will go further — with homes, eating out, activities, events, and shopping. You worked hard to build up your retirement fund. Living in the North Georgia Mountains will help make sure you get the most of it.

2. You’ll have endless outdoor activities nearby

Whether you want those activities to be relaxed or high-adrenaline, you’ll always find something new to do outside. You can go hiking in the Chattahoochee National Forest, go horseback riding, try your hand at trout fishing in the Toccoa River, visit a local winery, go zip lining, cross the Toccoa River Swinging Bridge, see one of the 100+ waterfalls, go whitewater rafting, or simply hop in your car for a local road trip.

You’ll have easy access to all these activities and more when you live in the North Georgia Mountains. Before you know it, the stress of the daily grind will melt away in the fresh mountain air.

3. It’ll be easy for friends and family to visit

Nestled just below the Tennessee border, the North Georgia Mountains are easily accessible from the Midwest, the east coast, and the South. They provide quick access to major highways like I-75, I-85, and I-985.

Have friends and family coming from further out? Many towns in the North Georgia Mountains are equidistant from Chattanooga International Airport in Chattanooga and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta.

4. You’ll live in the mountains (need we say more?)

Beaches are plenty of fun, too, but there’s just something about mountain life that can’t be beat. You may never feel more relaxed than the moment when you sit back (perhaps on your deck or porch) and simply enjoy the mountains.

You can even choose a home with mountain views to make sure that you see the beautiful nature without even leaving your home.

5. You can choose from a wide variety of homes

Do you want a big house with tons of bedrooms and lots of land? Are you dreaming of a historic charmer? Looking for a cabin in the mountains? Whatever your style preferences and however big you want your home, you’ll have plenty of options in the North Georgia Mountains.

Our MLS search speaks for itself. At any given time, you’ll find thousands of home listings in the North Georgia Mountains. Whether your budget is modest or you’re looking to splurge on the home of your dreams, we guarantee that you’ll find the home for you in North Georgia.

6. You can take advantage of great income opportunities

For many people, giving up work completely after retiring turns out to be difficult. Some people like to take up hobbies that require a lot of time, like gardening or knitting. Others look for fun opportunities to generate income on the side.

If the latter describes you, you won’t be disappointed by the income opportunities available in the North Georgia Mountains. From running a cabin rental business or selling art at local shows to opening a restaurant or running an antique shop, you’ll have plenty of options thanks to North Georgia tourism.

7. You’ll love the Southern hospitality

Even if you dream of spending your retirement years in solitude, it’s always a great feeling to have great neighbors nearby. While many of the homes in the North Georgia Mountains give you plenty of room from your neighbors, you’ll definitely notice the Southern hospitality all around the area.

It isn’t uncommon to strike up conversations with complete strangers in town or to be offered a helping hand by your next-door neighbors. Here in Georgia, we take care of people.

Ready to retire to Georgia? Let us help!

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