People opt to go for vacation at different times of the year. As a result both the short and long term accommodation market is a boom in the recent years. Purchasing a cabin for rental investment applies the Airbnb concept which allows visitors to explore the local culture without having to break a bank.

Most people who opt to hire a professional to rent out and manage their property are often away for business or personal trips. Others purchase cabins for rental investment. The value of using cabins as vacation homes has increased over the years with a wide range of affordable rates. Mountain Country Realty in North Georgia is a perfect solution for property management of cabins in the area.

Why should you consider renting out your cabin under a property management company?

  1. Financial Benefit

Here at Mountain Country Realty, give you chance to make profit from your cabin when you are not using it. The proceeds received when we rent out your cabin is shared with you based on our agreement.

It offers an extra source of steady monthly income which can be used to support your other business projects or meet your daily expenses.

  1. Professional Property Management

We understand that some of the first time customers can be cautious whether it is a good idea or not. Our company has been in the market for over 15 years and we learnt and perfected the skill of good property management. Therefore, you do not have to worry about delegating the management and rental duties to us.

  1. Proper Care And Management Of Your Cabin

You do not have to worry about your cabin being neglected. We ensure that there is proper care and maintenance for your property. We treat it like our property thus we strive to keep it a good condition that will help us and you sustain the income flow. Your property is well taken care of before and after renting out to visitors.

  1. Weekly Checks And Assessments

Sometimes when you leave your cabin unattended especially during the extreme winter and summer seasons a few components might be damaged. For example, during the winter, the freezing results to pipes bursting if not used for long.

Having us as your property manager guarantees you of weekly checks and assessments to ensure that everything is functional. We ensure that any damage in the course of our agreement is sustained keeping your cabin in the right condition.

  1. Security

In some cases, burglaries occur when you leave your cabin unattended for long. Having a property manager guarantees you of property security. We use various security measures to keep away any intruders.


Mountain Country Realty is a professional property management company which has won the heart of many clients over the last 15 years. Our sister website A Blue Ridge Vacation has wide range of property managed under its name too. We assure you of return on investment, exceptional customer service, operation excellence effective management of your cabin.

Reach out to us to enjoy our management and property maintenance services!