Georgia area has experienced immense growth in the real estate industry over the years. Investment in rental cabins has been among the booming sectors often used for vacations. The improved market state can be partially attributed to the private, quiet and serene environment. The presence of swift rivers of North Georgia and Blue Ridge Mountain has also made the area popular among local and international tourists.

In the real estate set-up growth is expected to continuous as it offers a wide range of development opportunities in the region. As a result potential buyers and clients are concerned if the region will continue to grow. This translates to the realtors and investors getting so busy that they will not get through to town.

Here are a few reasons of why we believe that Blue Ridge will continue to experience sustained growth without limiting the provision of quality services as a result of congestion and availability of more opportunities for the realtors and investors thus remaining a small town that we all love:

  1. Unbuildable United States Forest Service Land

Most investors often consider building the rental cabins within the United States Forest area. It is important to note that 60% of Fannin County is part of the National Forest. Therefore, while developers are constantly finding new land to build, a large segment is unbuildable leaving Blue Ridge a small town.

  1. Investors Prefer Big Markets

Blue Ridge is a small region where smart investors and realtors have invested in rental cabins. This automatically creates a high demand market for potential investors. However, only a limited number are risk takers willing to invest in rental cabins which will occasionally bring income when they are away. Most of them prefer big and busy markets for quick cash.

Big markets offer a wide range of opportunities to generate income through the increased development rate. For example, it is easy to increase rent and value of property in big markets and still get customers. A shift of investors to the more competitive areas will avoid congestion and neglecting of the realtors services offered to clients.

  1. Improved Strategies Of Space Utilization

Cabins do not take up much space thus the possibility of proper space utilization that will guarantee development and still retain the small and peaceful aspect of the town. Current trends and development in the real estate industry has provided proper space utilization solutions.

  1. Committed Realtors

Realtors in the Blue Ridge region are committed to their work of providing exceptional growth while still maintaining the small, serene and quiet nature of the region. These are the primary aspects that have been considered by rental cabin owners in the region as key attraction factors for tourists. As a result, they strive to maintain this authentic state to preserve tourist attraction within the region.


Blue Ridge in Georgia area is a unique area for development by property and cabin realtors. Despite the improvement and growth of real estate industry, the region is less likely to lose its primary attributes. The growth in the region will at no point limit realtors to a point of not getting through to town.